Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Sunday Newspaper- Bringing Snacks Your Way!

Every Sunday I look forward to looking at the newspaper ads.  I am not sure exactly why I like looking at them so much- I think it goes back to my childhood days of looking at them while eating a snack after church.  Nostalgia...

So this morning was like every other Sunday morning.  I woke up early (of course, because I CAN'T sleep in anymore) and went outside to grab the paper.  The bag that the paper came in had an ad on it (like normal) but it also had a little snack sample.  Check out this nutritious find!!!  Weight Watchers fans will fall in love!

Only 80 calories!!!  Real fruit bites made with yogurt and whole grain oats.  AWESOME!!!  ...right?

....I hope you can sense the sarcasm....

When you turn this little bag-o-death over, you can see that the pineapple chunks have ingredients in them.  Hello?  Why?  Just dry some pineapple and call it a day, ok?  

And then the yogurt has trans fat (aka that hydrogenated palm kernel oil), but not enough for it to be put on the nutrition facts, so no one would even know it unless you looked at the ingredients.  Thanks DOLE!  WAY TO PROMOTE HEALTHY SNACKING, DOLE!  COME ON.


I threw it away.

Last week there were Cinnamon Cheerios with extra fiber.  Because that's healthy.  ???


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