Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crunch crunch crunch... Homemade Hair Gel and Hairspray

Good afternoon to you all!  My GOODNESS what a whirlwind February has been so far.  Luckily, the busiest part of the month is behind me (WHOO..... big sigh), which is good news for you because you get to see me more often now!  That is good news, right?

So I have decided to follow Momma Pea's advice on letting my hair go 'natural'.  Now, when I was born, I had CURLY CURLY hair.  Like not just wavy... straight up ringlets Shirley Temple style.

I know, aaaawwwwwhhhhhh, right?

Well, to this day, I still have curly hair.  But, you wouldn't really know it because, well, this bad boy has been my best friend for way too long.

Sorry sir, it's time that we part ways.

So in an effort to make my curls less frizzy and more curly, and because I'm the crunchy momma that I am, I have decided to make my own styling products and follow a new regime of hair care.

1- Flax Seed Hair Gel

I followed this video tutorial on how to make flax seed hair gel.  I am on day 2 of using it, and I must say, it works like a CHARM!  And, it's soy-free, which we all know that I need to be!

It really DOES work, and you really SHOULD try it.  Who doesn't have flax seeds laying around their house?!  If you're reading this blog, you probably do.

2- Sugar Hairspray

This was SO easy to make, it's almost funny.  AND it makes your hair smell sugary sweet... what's better than that?  Actually, the combo of that and the flax hair gel made my hair smell like cinnabons.


1 c water
2 T sugar (regular white sugar, organic cane sugar, Florida Crystals....whatever!)

Wash out an old hairspray bottle and set aside ( one with a fine mist pump)
On the stove, boil 1 c of water.  Once boiling, add 2 T of sugar
Boil a few minutes, until the sugar dissolves and the water level reduces a little bit
Allow to cool and pour into your clean spray bottle
Store in the fridge for about a week

Now there's a method to using this.  When you spray your hair, spray a fine mist at first and let it air dry.  Then, spray again.  This will keep your hair from going flat from the water.

At night, I have been showering like I normally do with my California Baby shampoo.  Every couple of days I do a conditioner only wash, also California Baby.  After my shower, I'll scrunch my hair up in an old t-shirt and let it dry a few minutes.  Sleep.  Wake up.  Hair is curly in the morning.  Scrunch hair with flax gel and allow to dry.  Spray a fine mist of sugar hairspray, and leave.  THAT'S. IT.  So much easier, so much faster, and SO much BETTER!

Have a lovely day, everybody!!