Saturday, October 30, 2010


 Happy Halloween!!  I really don't like this holiday... at all.  But I like carving pumpkins!  Here are my two.  First up- Mickey!

Isn't he cute!  All was going well, went on to pumpkin #2 to carve Minnie.... but then I bent my carving knife! The skin was so tough that I couldn't cut through it!  Soo.... I resorted to painting instead.

Kinda.... evil looking.  HAHA it wasn't intentional.  

I gotta tell you, the kids that work for me are great.  Look what one of them made for me out of play dough!

GHOST MICKEY!!!   Too fun.

Have a good Halloween!  Don't eat too much candy!  (actually.... don't eat any candy.  death.  gross death.)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Apple Chaider

Thank you Kevin and Annmarie Gianni for this recipe!  IT WAS AWESOME!  I used a little modification, but it turned out GREAT!!  Here is my modification of the original (original is the title link below).

Apple Chai-der

My recipe serves 1

1 Apple
2 Chai Tea Bags

Boil the chai tea bags in 1 cup of water over medium heat for 10 minutes

In a food processor, chop up/blend an apple with the chai tea

Strain the liquid through a strainer or nut bag

SO SO SO GOOD!!!   What a yummy fall drink!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Disney World!

So it's been a million years since I have updated.  Ok, maybe not that long, but it seems like it!  Brenton and I went to Disney World, first time ever as vegetarians.  Here's what we got as groceries-

1 Loaf of Bread
Peanut Butter
Mixed Nuts
Flax Crackers
Clif Bars
Kashi Cereal
Kashi Granola Bars
**then we brought Amazing Grass Chocolate Powder, Chia Seeds, and supplements from home**
Ah travel food...

Each morning we had a Breakfast Cookie, and packed PB and J sandwiches, fruit, nuts, and water to take to the parks.  It kept us going for a good long time!!

Of course, Brenton wanted to have some treats while we were there.  It took me a while to warm up to that idea, but I caved.  We're not at WDW every day (though I wish I was!!!), and we certainly don't eat junky stuff at home, so "why not" right?

Sanaa- Veggie Sampler, Spread Sampler, and a free Anniversary Dessert!

ESPN Club-  Brenton's Nachos.... my Veggie Sandwich

Kouzzina by Cat Cora-  Bread, Spread Sampler, Orzo and Veggies


Pear Tart and Waters

Wolfgang Puck Express-  Brenton's Veggie Pizza, my Roasted Beet Salad

Norway- Cloudberry Horn and School Bread

Les Chefs de France-- Bread, Salad, Veggie Lasagna

Tangarine Cave- Veggie Platter

We had NO problem being veggies at Disney!  Everyone was so accommodating!  We even met with a couple of chefs to discuss our preferences.  If you have food allergies, Disney is the place to go!  You'll have no problem!