Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Time to Reflect....

Happy Wednesday, everybody!  We got a snow day today, which gave me time to do some things around the house and kind of reflect a little bit.

I recently got a new job (and by recently, I mean Monday).  I didn't change job locations, but I changed departments.  My new job is a promotion from my old job, and it has been quite a transition.  I'm not finished with the transition yet- it's going to take a while for me to feel 'at home'.  My new co-workers are very nice, but I still have a LOT to learn.  Not to mention I miss my old office and my former co-workers very VERY much.  Almost too much.  But, I know that I needed to put on my 'big girl pants' and take this next step, and I'm glad that if a change had to be made, that I made it to this new department.

This transition (and time off from work) also made me reflect upon everything else in my life.  I'm not sure why I do this, but whenever I go through a change, it COMPLETELY consumes me and for whatever reason, everything else gets pushed aside.  Notice how long it's been since my last bloggie post?  I'm wanting to try to get back to a routine of normalcy.  So after this, I'm going to work on taxes (fun) and then see what I can do to get back into a routine.  Like the FlyLady song says "Routines routines, they keep me rockin'."

A lot has happened since December 28.  I went to Miami and had some FANTASTIC food.  We found all of the organic/veggie places in Dade County (so it seemed, anyway).

YUMMMMMMMMMMY!!!  We ate soooooo good that trip.  I wish those types of restaurants were in COLDER climates, too!  Oh well, eventually I will move to Florida.  Some day.

The whole reason we went to Miami was to celebrate this:

Brenton got his MBA!  Hurray!!!  NO. MORE. SCHOOL.

Have a beautiful day, everybody!  Is it spring yet??

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cap77 said...

Those types of restaurants ARE in colder climates! NYC is one of them! Looks like a great trip, and don't worry, I am the same way with transitions... I think it is sort of common :)