Tuesday, April 28, 2009

'tis the season to be FRUGAL!

Spring is here, and weather such as this brings a flurry of yard sales! It's one of my favorite times of the year. Whenever I hit up yard sales, I have a few rules for myself:

1- only purchase items that will be used, or given away as gifts within the year
2- when an item is brought home, an already possessed item MUST be sold or donated
3- if bargaining is an option, do it! Get the most for your money
4- stick to a strict spending limit. Only bring as much cash with you as you're willing to spend
5- bring eco-friendly bags with you to carry items in. You never know if you'll have to park far away, and the seller may not have bags for you to use. Plus, it makes it easier to pick up items and continue to browse

I am very excited because the first yard sale of the year that I'm going to is happening on Thursday evening. It's at a church very close to work, in a very upscale area. Lots of nice items for VERY cheap! This year, I'm hoping to find organization-type items (tubs, drawer separators, baskets, underbed boxes, crates, shelves, hooks), nice clothes (I've lost 15 lb. since last year at this time!), container garden items (pots, potting soil, hanging baskets, seeds, potted plants-I'll post more on that in a later post), indoor plants/trees (decor), a trash can for under our kitchen sink, and glass Pyrex/Corningware. My intention is set to find all of these items by the end of the summer, at very reasonable (ok, CHEAP!) prices!

Keeping in mind that clutter is the enemy, I am very strict about the 'bring an item in, push an item out' concept. I'm a big fan of that tv show 'Clean House', and it's absolutely amazing how much STUFF people can accumulate. Unfortunately, too much stuff can throw off your chi, and make you a frazzled mess! The people that go on this show are SO stressed, and it's obvious that their clutter is a representation of some other inner conflict that they have.

When I was younger, I was a pack rat. I'm told it runs in my family... I would hold on to things and give them a sentimental value that I would get too attached to. Getting rid of possessions when I was a kid was a nightmare for me. It caused way too much of an emotional drain, for things as ordinary as a pen, or a tube of lipstick! Now that I understand what clutter represents (and in my life, it's a barrier to be able to accept better and new things into my life), I hold these strict rules to get rid of things that I have not and will not use.

Being open to give, is being open to receive. Keep this in mind when you are bargain shopping at your local yard sales! One item in, one item out.

Until next time, Namaste.

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