Friday, February 18, 2011

Yoga Spy

Hola chicos y chicas!  TGIF!  What a week this has been.  It'll be nice to enjoy the weekend without having to do a million things.  Last weekend was CrAzY busy.... this weekend....ahhhhh... not so bad.

I'm sitting here enjoying a loooovely breakfast.

YUM.  Perfect for a Friday morning.

So last night, I made these YUM-O vegan cookies.  Catch the recipe HERE.

Yes.... they were THAT good.  I only did a half-batch.... or else I would eat them alllllll.  These tasted like there was butter in them.... without the butter.  Crazy!

So last week and earlier this week, I was SICK.  I had caught a monster cold that I just couldn't seem to shake.  So, I heard about this:

Sweet, right?!  Homeopathic medicine to cure my cold.  I used 3 doses (or maybe 4?) and it zapped my cold in no time flat.  And then.... this happened...

See that active ingredient???

.....that's duck liver extract.

I think I died a little.  It worked so well.  SO WELL.  Nothing else worked to get rid of my cold.

I guess all I can say now is "thank you, mr. duck, for helping me get over my cold".  Knowing what the active ingredient in there is makes me not want to take it again.  But it helped.  A lot.  BAH!!

I ended the evening with some yoga.... and a spy came into the room (aka my hubby).  Attraaaaactive....



On a less embarrassing note, tt's going to be 59 in Central Ohio.... yay for spring preview!!

Make it a great day!  xoxo


Anonymous said...

I love the yoga pics; definitely not something I would ever be caught doing. balancing is not my forte

Heather @ Get Healthy with Heather said...

Great yoga pics!

Anonymous said...

Delurking here!!
Oh my gosh, I have heard of that Occio-thing! I was skeptical, but Im glad to know it actually works. I will definitely use it next time I come down with a cold... weird that its duck liver? I wonder if its because liver tends to be so full with minerals/nutrients?

Anonymous said...

My mom is so funny!! Whenever I call her up and mention that I'm sick, she always tells me to take Occio....whatever it is. I'll admit that I can't pronounce it, but it sure does work! I must have a couple tubes floating around my room.

LifeasKristina said...

Love your blog-those yoga pics are great...and I want that cookie!