Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Product Review, and other things...

Good evening!  Holy moly where on earth have I been?!?  It's been since the end of APRIL?!  Oye...  it feels like longer than that.

I'm currently uploading my 'travel breakfast cookie' recipe to youtube... it should be up by this evening!  (I hope)  Sure took me long enough...gah.

So what has been happening lately?   A whole lot, mixed with a whole lot of nothing.  I've been SLOOOOWLY getting over a cold, which has (as it does) spun my life in circles.  It all started as a sore throat... then went into a cough... and then just stuck around a while.  2 weeks!  I guess a LOT of people have had this same cold.  Wacky.

Brenton and I are back to "Insanity".  What ARE we thinking?!  I'm exhausted.  It's a great workout, but boy is it tough.  We're trying to get ourselves ready for a couple of vacations we have planned- Disney in the Fall, and Yosemite next Summer.  For us, there seems to be no better way to quickly get in shape.

Enough rambling... on with the review!  As you know, I try to go as natural and organic as possible in everything that I do, eat, wear, use.... you get the idea.  I was so excited to find this mascara at Ulta today:

Creepy eye picture coming.... you've been warned.   (LOL)

Look at the difference!  Top is no makeup at all (attractive...), bottom is with my new mascara.


Not bad for an organic mascara!!!  How much did it cost?  No more than any of the 'conventional' mascaras!!

RUN, don't walk, to your nearest drug store and get some for yourself (or your wife...

I'm really impressed with the demand for natural and organic cosmetics.  We're certainly NOT there yet, but this is a step in the right direction!!!!!!  Vote with your dollars.  The more consumers buy products like these, the more the companies will start making changes (you know... that whole supply and demand concept).

The breakfast cookie video is STILL uploading.  I'll post it when it's ready!


Go buy some organic products.  Check out this is a great resource for natural products.

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