Saturday, December 31, 2011


HAP-PY NUDE REAR! I mean... HAPPY NEW YEAR!  (ha...)   Holy.moly.  I have not disappeared off of the face of the planet, I swear.  It's been a crazy busy few months, and I'm hoping that this year brings a little more organization and efficiency in the time-management department.

So, what's been going on?  Let's see....

Brenton and I are staying gluten-free, and I have recently added being soy-free as well.  Gluten-free and soy-free in my diet, as well as in all of my products, too.  THANK GOODNESS for California Baby, Bare MineralsSkintactix, Badger Balm, Sun and Earth, Udi's and Enjoy Life.  I had to do a LOT of research, and throw out a lot of things, too.  At least I have found one of everything I need to "live" soy and gluten-free.  Going out to eat poses certain challenges, but the only thing that is NECESSARY for us is to be gluten-free.  The soy-free thing is extra, just to help manage my estrogen levels. Certainly slimmed down the clutter in the house!  In addition to all of that, I'm eating fish again, Brenton is still vegetarian, and we're trying to limit sugars and grains as much as possible.  Of course, we have to do it all in moderation.  When I was trying to be SO hardcore about being free of, oh, well, EVERYTHING, my life wasn't enjoyable.  I am prone to anxiety and eating disorders, and being SO limiting in my diet was just one stress after another.  Disney World wasn't fun in September (outside of the parks).  HOW COULD DISNEY, MY MOST FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD NOT BE FUN?!  Because I was TOO overly stressed about what I was eating.  It was at that point that I realized that something needed to change.  Moderation needed to come back into my life.  So, we're doing the best we can, most of the time.

Same old here.  My office is being re-done while I'm on vacation, so hopefully when I get back my life will be slimmed down a LOT.  Who needs 3 desks and a 7 foot filing cabinet in an office?  Not me, no sir.  Supes excited about this change.  Other than that, lost of orchestra playing, music teaching, and social media business building.

Sigh.  2011 was a crazy year.  Busy.  Stressful.  Too much.  Ready for things to calm down and get more organized.

So what's in store for 2012?  I have some "resolutions" that I have been putting gradually into practice over the last few months, and what better time to REALLY try to make an effort than the new year?  Here are my goals....

1- DRINK MORE WATER.  I do NOT drink enough water each day.  This needs to change.  3 big glasses of water per day and 2 small glasses.  That is my goal.

2- EXERCISE 5-6 DAYS PER WEEK.  I need lots of variety in my workouts because I tend to get bored and burnt out pretty easily.  Brenton got 10 Tony Horton One on One DVD's and I got a Prevention Magazine 20 min workout set for Christmas, so I'm definitely wanting to make time for these each day.

3- MEDITATE 5-10 MINS PER DAY.  Necessary for anxiety management.  Either Reiki, meditation, yoga, or guided relaxation.  I don't need a lot of time, but I do need it every day.

4- TRY NEW RECIPES.  Once or twice a week I want to try new recipes.  Pretty self explanatory.

5- SPEND 30 MIN EVERY DAY DOING SOMETHING I LOVE.  This can be anything- practicing my instrument, watching a favorite tv show, listening to a favorite podcast, planning my 2013 Disney trip, whatever!

6- CREATE A SMALL HOUSECLEANING ROUTINE.  Just 10-15 minutes per day KEEPING the house clean, not re-cleaning the house every day.

7- BUILD MY SOCIAL MEDIA BUSINESS.  1 client down, 1 client on the way, 5 more to go.  :)

8- SLIM DOWN EVERYTHING FROM MY WARDROBE TO MY PANTRY.  I don't need all of the items that I have.  Clutter needs replaced with space.  Only keep items that I love, and donate what others could use.

9- TRY SOMETHING NEW, WITHOUT BEING SCARED.  We're going to Canada in September, which is something new because I have never been out of the country before.  While in Canada I want to try renting a canoe to use on Lake Louise.  How cool does this look?


2011 was a tricky year, but 2012 will be better.  I am going to make a conscious effort to enjoy the little things every day, do more things for myself, and SLOW DOWN!

What are your plans for the new year?

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