Friday, January 29, 2010

Mexican Hat Dance

Brenton and I had a long conversation last night.  We talked about the future, positive thinking, stress, happiness-- all sorts of things... for about an hour.  Some of what we talked about involved crying, which I have been doing a lot of lately, and some involved laughing.

I much preferred the laughing portion.

There was one main conclusion to our conversation:

Find happiness in every situation. 

When something 'bad' happens to us, what makes us think it's bad?  What makes us upset about it?  Physically, it's not the actual act of what happened- it's how we perceived it and how we reacted to it, right?  So what if we changed our thinking to find happiness in every situation.  All of those situations, that in the past, would have made us upset.  Ergo- the Mexican Hat Dance.  You can't HELP but smile when you sing this song in your head (especially this version!).  What if you sang this to yourself anytime a stessful or 'bad' situation happened.  Would it be so 'bad' anymore?  Some would argue (and I've even heard this before) that this puts you in a fantasy land.  "Lala Land".  Out of touch with reality.  Ok, what is reality?  (full circle here, people!)

Unfortunately, I won't delve into specifics regarding WHY we were talking about this, but it makes for very exciting but very confusing situations.  If I can find happiness in EVERY situation... how do I know what my life's purpose is?   Do I know the difference between Mexican Hat Dance happiness, and non-needed Mexican Hat Dances?

What is your life's purpose?  Do you know?  Does your job reflect your life's purpose?  What about your hobbies?  Can your hobby be your job?

Have you ever read or listened to "Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting" by Lynn Grabhorn?  It's cheap on Amazon (like $4 or something) and a GREAT book for delving into yourself and realizing what you REALLY want.  (AND learning how to get it).  I have the 3 CD set in my car right now- I almost can't wait to drive somewhere because that's my Mexican Hat Dance happiness in traffic.  Well, actually, because of my driving angels, I haven't had much traffic lately (THANK YOU!)... so it's my Mexican Hat Dance happiness for my 30 min to and from work.

I am still on this journey, and actually, I'm not sure when I'll ever be done.  Well, yes I do know when I'll be done...   about 80-90 years from now. 

And that's ok.

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