Saturday, October 17, 2009

Escopazzo FAB-O!

Good evening, everybody! For those of you from the South Florida area, you probably already know about Escopazzo. If you don't know about this restaurant, ohmygosh, you have to (HAVE TO) check it out. It's so hard to find restaurants that offer raw food (other than!), and this restaurant is unique because they lable themselves as an Organic Italian restaurant. There are vegetarian, vegan, and raw dishes available, with none of the CRAP that I always complain about. (Que the heavens opening and angels singing). After reading their website, it appears that Janet Jackson, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Kevin Spacey, and other very famous people have dined there as well! So, it must be good, right?! Ok, enough is enough, what did I eat?!

First, take a look at the part of the menu I went right to:

Beautiful, isn't it? I was so excited. I ended up getting the Spaghetti of zucchini with sundried tomato and walnut pesto, and Brenton got the Vegetable lasagnetta with pine nut ricotta and pesto. Pure joy. We shared both meals (because I wanted to taste both, of course!). Look how lovely!!



The pine nut ricotta in the vegetable lasagnetta was to DIE for. Brenton ate almost all of it before I had a chance to try it. And then... the truth came out. Brenton said "WOW, this is really good! I feel full, but not stuffed. I've never had raw food that has tasted like this! How come your raw food doesn't taste like this?"

Happy anniversary to you too. Hahahahaha. Ok ok, so my raw food has been trial and error (and mind you, I'VE liked it all). I did argue that he's liked Ani's Raw Apple Pie recipe that I've made, and that was agreed upon... but I will admit that my raw pasta has NOT tasted as good as this did. Not overly seasoned, and VERY fresh.

I wasn't sure if I had room for dessert, but we decided to split their Avocado Ice Cream.

Looks like guac, no? It was a very unique set of flavors. At first, the ice cream tasted like, well, avocado, mixed with hints of basil. Then, a strong citrus flavor came through that made it taste like a dessert, rather than guac! It was so neat! Brenton and I both liked it, and actually, I was surprised at Brenton's reaction. He's typically the guy who likes the double-chocolate-monkey-fudge-cookie-blahblah, but I actually think he surprised himself, too, by liking it! Maybe his tastes are becoming as hippie as mine! No, not hippie- sophisticated (right?).

So my overall reaction to Escopazzo? Out of this world! If you're ever in the Miami Beach/South Beach/Southern Region of Florida- RUN to 1311 Washington Ave.


Lele said...

I love avocado ice cream! I had it at a Mexican restaurant. The combo of flavors is so unexpected and awesome.

Annie D. said...

It was so unique and really good!