Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter! (a little bit late...)

Hi everybody.  Sorry for the MIA I have been lately!  Work has been crazy, life has been busy, and things have just gotten away from me!!  Here's a mini Easter update!  Look what the Easter Bunny left for us!

See the trail of eggs???
All leading to.....

Look at all the goodies!  Oranges, Clif and Larabars, some TJ's Fruit Leathers, a couple of lottery tickets (that Brenton won $10 on!), and a Disney Gift Card!  Not too bad!!

That afternoon, we went to mom's for Easter Lunch/Dinner.  I made the Spring Rolls (I'll do a post about how I made those another day- SO GOOD) and Sweet Potatoes. 

YUM YUM YUM!   Check out that Spring Roll, huh?  Heaven on a plate. 

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