Friday, September 3, 2010

Ba ba ba, ba ba ganoush

Our CSA yielded us a TON of eggplant this year.  I decided to make some baba ganoush!!  If you haven't had it before, it's kind of like an eggplant hummus.

1- take 2 eggplants, wash, and cut slits in the skin

2- roast at 400 until tender, about 30-45 minutes, then let cool for about 10 minutes

3- scoop the flesh out of the skin and let drain and cool in a colander ( looks gross, right?!)

4- in a food processor, process eggplant guts (HAHA), with the juice of half of a lemon or lime, 2 T tahini, 2 T olive oil, 2 cloves of garlic (or more to taste) and dashes of sea salt, black pepper, chili powder, and sesame seeds.

5- blend until smooth and then let sit at room temperature for a hour before eating

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Ali said...

Have you ever tried a couple sprigs of fresh mint?