Sunday, April 10, 2011

Travel Series- Staying Healthy While Traveling

Staying healthy is something that I STRIVE for while traveling.  Here's my general order of operations:

1 week leading up to travel:
Be SURE that I sleep 8 hours every night
Take my regular pills-  Vitamin D (5000 IU), Multi-Vitamin, Zinc, Magnesium (for my tremors), Probiotics
Drink a 'green drink' a few times that week with Amazing Grass, Banana, Orange, Spinach, and Rice Protein
Massive amounts of water

Day before travel, day of travel:
Keep up with regular pills listed above and add Oregano Oil, 2nd Vitamin D pill (10,000 IU)
Drink a 'green drink'
Be sure to get 8 hours of sleep
Massive amounts of water

At the airport, hand sanitizer/hand washing is KEY.  Be sure to wash your hands before eating or touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.  Airports and airplanes are DIRTY.  If you really think about it, imagine how many people are in and out of there every day... and how much the commonly touched areas are NOT cleaned.  ICK!  We always make sure we pack some plastic utensils to use to cut and eat our food with to help avoid having to actually touch the food.

Also, you're going to be sitting a LONG time.  It's beneficial to do some laps around the airport to get your circulation moving a bit.  Brenton and I often times walk laps.  Plus, I have an issue with claustrophobia, so getting up and moving around helps a lot.

Also there's no need to eat a heavy meal before a flight.  You'll feel icky!  Eat a snack a few times around the flight, and only eat a 'meal' if it's longer than 3-4 hours.   And even that, keep it light!  Salads are good.

Take a look at Jan McBarron's video about staying healthy while traveling.  She and I agree!!

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