Saturday, April 9, 2011

Travel Series- TSA Tips

Hellooooo everybody.  Continuing my travel series, I'd like to talk a bit about how to easily get through airport security.

One thing that I do, since I'm an opt-out of the the backscatter xray machines, is wear as little clothing as (tastefully) possible.  Even in the winter, I go by probably the best piece of advice that I have ever gotten.  "Dress AFTER you get through airport security".  This logic is more helpful than most people realize.  Here's what I wear, no matter the season, through security.

TSA won't have to pat what isn't covered.  Then once through security, I pull on a pair of wind pants and jacket that I have stashed into my carryon.  And of course I wear socks with this outfit and slip on shoes, too.    Works like a charm.  Brenton wears a t-shirt and shorts, and does the same thing with the extra clothes in the carryon.  We also stash any keys, wallets, coins, cellphone, ipod, etc. in the carryon and then once through, we load up our pockets like normal.

Speaking of carryon- what carryon do I use?  I tend to take my laptop, oh, EVERYWHERE, so I purchased one that would allow my laptop to stay IN THE BAG, rather than having to take it out.  Here's my pride and joy:  

I.LOVE.THIS.BAG.  So you put the laptop in a designated pocket, and you just unzip the top part to lay it flat on the conveyor belt.  It gets scanned in the bag and you're on your way.  It's AWESOME.  And CHEAP!!  I like, too, that there is a  pocket that doesn't zip in the front JUST BIG ENOUGH for your 1 qt size bag of liquids!!  Pull it out, plop it in the bin, throw your bag through the conveyor belt, pat pat pat, and go!  I'm glad I bought this bag.  I have used it on 2 trips (4 times through airport security) and it has worked like a charm.

Next post- my airplane comfort items.


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