Saturday, August 6, 2011

End of an Era?

Happy Saturday!  How's the weekend treating you?  So far so good on the homestead!

Brenton and I are preparing ourselves for Monday, what might be the end of an era.  We're going to a new doctor- an Integrative Medicine doctor.  He promotes healing/illness prevention through nutrition.  Why doesn't every doctor do this?  We will be talking to him about our ancestral history and getting a script for specific bloodwork tests that will determine where we're at health-wise.  He'll then give us our food and supplement list to follow, and then blood tests will determine if the food/supplements need changed or if we're on the right track.

So, we eat very healthy, you know that (LOL).  However... the end of an era may come for us.  You see, my grandparents were from Italy.  Brenton's great-grandparents were from Italy.  What does that mean?  Most western Europeans back in the day didn't eat a lot of gluten, and therefore, developed an intolerance to it.  This is passed down through genetics.  Ruh roah.  Goodbye to pizza and pasta as we know it... possibly.  We'll see soon!

To prepare ourselves for this transition, I have started experimenting with some GF recipes.  This is one of my new FAVORITES, thanks to Gina (xoxo!).  Quinoa Pita Tortilas.

Seriously, easiest.ever.  Ever.

 Here it is- the quinoa in the coffee grinder.
Mix the quinoa flour with equal parts water (about 1/4 C for 1 serving), and fry over medium heat in butter.   Season with salt to taste.  I added Italian seasoning and garlic.  Fan-Tastic.

 I decided to turn these little beauties into pizza crusts!  Genius!

So I'm still experimenting with this one.  I found out online that you could also make your own RICE FLOUR!  Who knew?!  Here I am, trying out GF cookies.

 Flour?  Sure, we'll try it!!

Who knew?!
No need to buy expensive bagged rice flour!  Just make your own.

Brenton said "YUM!", so they must have turned out ok!  I just used my vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe, which I got from here, and subbed rice flour for whole wheat flour.  They turned out quite nicely!  A little gritty, so my sister says I need to get a Vita Mix.  Yeah, it may come to that, but they really weren't too bad with just a regular coffee grinder!

So, I'm kinda feeling semi-ok with this possible GF life.  I like experimenting with new recipes and trying new things.  It will certainly be a life change, but it can't be that much different than going vegetarian and cutting out junk food.  I'm ready for the journey, whatever it may be.


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