Monday, August 15, 2011

Soy-ya later!

Good lovely, sunny evening to you all!  I came across 2 new things today.

2- a new recipe (the video link below shows everything you need to know) (THAT IS A KEEPER!!!!  DOUBLE NOM NOM!)

First, the product.

I've been semi-candid about our most recent doctor visit.  To make a long story short, Brenton and I are now gluten-free, nut-free (unless we supplement with triple strength omega 3's.... made out of fish oil... so we will no longer be vegetarian.  ...back to pescatarian we go I guess, although we won't be eating fish flesh.  oye.), and soy-free.  We're also not going to be eating other random things like bananas, avocados, celery, figs, or kiwi due to their latex forming properties, and we'll be limiting our vegetable oils.


So, that said, being soy-free is pretty difficult at first.  Soy is in EVERYTHING.  Ick.  I spent a LONG time at TJ's and various other stores to figure out what foods were ok for us to get.  One thing that I was pretty bummed about was Asian food. SO MUCH Asian food uses soy-sauce.  We used to get nama shoyu or the gluten-free tamari.... but that's all soy.  Like this.

Bye bye.

But then, my world changed.  I found out about THIS


This sauce tastes like a red wine marinated steak.  I'm not even joking.  Sure, it's been 2 years since I've had a steak, but I have a pretty good memory.  I can make veggie sushi again!!!!!!!!!!  And lo-mein!!!!!!!  (cue the chorus of angelic voices)

In addition to finding soy-free items, I've been experimenting with various gluten-free recipes and products.  Here's the rice crust pizza we had for dinner (WHICH WAS AWESOME!)  Check out the youtube that I got the recipe from.

Very yummy- total keeper.  Not REALLY pizza... but doggone good!

Found an AWESOME bread, though I'm told Udi is pretty good too (I have yet to find it)!

Nice little breakfast accompaniment!

Rice flour pancakes... still need to tweak this a bit before posting the recipe....

Corn tortilla tacos... great success.

The doctor has also ordered us to buy as local as possible.  Not difficult for me since I LOOOOVE farmers markets.  Especially when I can dig into these....

Yes, they are JUST as good as they look.  I got a CSA share from Groupon a few months ago that I'm going to pick up on Thursday- super excited to get all of the yummy vegetables and fruits!!!  The little things.  :)

Off to 'walk away the pounds'.  LOVE Leslie!!  Always a fun time.


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