Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cell Phone Dangers

Hello everybody.  In last month's edition of Prevention Magazine, I read an article regarding the dangers of Electromagnetic Waves.  And then recently, on the Renegade Health Show, I saw a few shows they did on the same subject (watch them).  This is crazy!!  People all day long are tied to their cell phones and tied to their wireless internet... and it could be making us all sick?!  If cell phones are doing this... what do you think your MICROWAVE is doing?!  It's really scary.  REALLY scary.  Oh, and how about those doggone body-scan things at the airports... make it stop!!!

I think this is a clear sign that we need to get back to our roots.  Back to the good old days BEFORE all of this crazy technology.  Like that's ever going to happen, right?  There are some things we can do to survive in this techno-centric world... at least help, anyway.

I did some research on the Environmental Working Group's website, and they do offer a few tips to help reduce the radiation exposure.  Things like 'buy a low-radiation phone', 'use a headset or speaker', 'hold the phone away from your body', etc.  Check out that website- there is a lot of information that we NEED to know.   

I just bought THIS headset for myself and for Brenton.  It's the Plantronics MX150 Flexible Boom Headset with 2.5 mm plug... for $1.63!!!  It's normally $45... yay Amazon!!   It looks like it has a long cord, so we're definitely going to try to sit in one spot with the phone as far away as possible, or use it at home on speaker far far away from our heads.  And limit our cell and internet use.  There is so much else we could be doing with our time, anyway!!  (like making raw cookies.... mmmmm).

Moral of the story-  don't yack on your cell phone all day.  It is bad for your health.

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