Saturday, January 2, 2010

Spiraling Fun!!!

I am TOTALLY IN LOVE with my new toy!

That's right!  For Christmas, my sister got me a Spiral Slicer (aka 'Spiralizer').  I LOVE IT.  Tonight, I made some CURLY FRIES!!

Isn't that fun?!  I love it.  The seasonings were all 'to taste', and consisted of Season Salt, Chili Powder, Paprika, and Black Pepper.  Tossed with a little bit of Olive Oil and baked at 350 for 18-ish minutes. A little spicy, but really good!  I haven't had 'fries' in a long time!

If you don't have a spiral slicer, and you're a veggie, vegan, raw foodie, has kids, likes to cook, or entertains with food parties, YOU NEED TO GET ONE OF THESE.  I'm in love.

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