Thursday, September 24, 2009

FAV-O Products!

Hi everyone. Lately I've been asked what supplements I use to stay healthy, so I decided to post them all in one big bloggie blob here!!

My first and foremost FAVORITE product is Amazing Grass Green Superfood. I put this stuff in my green smoothies mostly, but I've been known to add it to oatmeal and plain yogurt, too!

My Probiotics! I use PB8, the veggie capsules (they're vegan). You take two every day and it helps keep your digestive system in line!

Oil of Oregano- this stuff is anti-viral and anti-bacterial. GREAT for cold and flu season!

Vitamin D- also good for immune system support, especially when you can't go outside and get your 10 min a day!!

Ahhhh, Coconut Oil! I use this on my face, hair, hands, feet... everywhere! YUM! An all-natural moisturizer!

Dr. Bronners- MY FAVORITE SOAP!! There is nothing harsh in this soap at ALL.

I hope this gives all of you, my little bloggies, some insight into my every day routine! I'll update you as I find more products, and if you have any favorites, I'd LOVE to hear about them!!

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