Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tempeh Time!

Happy hump day, everyone! Last night I made Tempeh for the first time EVER.

Talk about a protein and fiber power house, no?! And hardly any sodium, no cholesterol... AND it's fermented, so, good for the insides! When I pulled it out of the package, I gave it a sniff. It kinda smelled like mushrooms and nuts, but not that strongly. It hardly had any smell at all.

Anyway, first, I cut the big patty there into smaller cubes, and steamed it for 10 min (I heard it was supposed to take away any bitterness. It did!)

Then, I boiled it for 10 min in a new sauce from TJ's that I got-

Once it had boiled, I topped some rice and veggies I had prepared with the Tempeh and extra sauce.


And the verdict? Well... Brenton hardly ate any of it. Hahaha. I, on the other hand, liked it pretty well!! I ate almost all of it. Brenton said he would have liked it better with freshly steamed veggies (not frozen), or a different sauce. I agree with the sauce thing- it was good, but not flavorful enough (it needed salt, garlic.... something). These would be really good crumbled up in a BBQ sauce like a sloppy joe. That'll be my next experiment.

Go out and try Tempeh. I'll definitely buy it again, but not prepare it quite this way if I want Brenton to eat it. Oh, and the package was only $1.69 at TJ's. NICE!

Have a happy Wednesday! Namaste.

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julie said...

i have a package of the exact same tempeh in my refrigerator at the moment! i was excited when i saw it was being carried at TJ's but i haven't known what to make with it yet. you've inspired me to experiment :-)