Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Read, then eat salad

O-M-G people!! The food industry is at it once again- making people think that fruit loops and fudgesicles are healthy choices. It makes me SICK. Read this article, and you'll know what I'm talking about.

I don't understand why the concept of healthy eating is so hard for people. Eat fruit. Eat vegetables. Eat nuts. Eat seeds. Eat beans. Eat free range meat. Eat ocean caught fish. Eat organic milk and eggs. For heaven's sake people, DON'T eat fruit loops and fudgesicles! Unreal.

Why is this so hard to understand!? Who on EARTH thought it was a good idea to put 'smart choice' on a box of FRUIT LOOPS?! I can't believe that someone with their Ph.D would think that's a good idea. Hello... JUST have a bachelor's degree (rolling eyes...)... and I'M SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW THAT THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I don't care how you label it- natural FOOD is what you should be eating, not frankenfood. Disgusting.

Ok, stepping off of my soap box. Read the article.

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