Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's almost Thursday!

Tonight was a success! We had our neighbors over for dinner and it was lots of fun! They even EAT like us (aka shopping at Trader Joe's, eating clean, etc). I was sooo excited!! The food I made was good, and we have lots of leftovers for tomorrow. I made whole wheat pasta, with tons of toppings to choose from:

Sun dried Tomatoes and roasted peppers
Spiced Peas
Tomato Sauce
Alfredo Sauce
Olive Oil with herbs
Broiled chicken

SUPER yummy. On mine, I had the sun dried tomatoes, peas, and a few pieces of chicken, topped with a little olive oil and lemon. YUM-O! I also made salad, and Brenton made fruit salad. Very good dinner- sorry no pictures!!! I forgot! We put on Wall-E for Ethan, the neighbor's 2 year old. Such a cutie! He liked that movie it seemed! (ha, and so do I!!)

As promised, a review of the new bar I got yesterday. I ate half, and it was very good! They used WHOLE almonds, and just half a bar filled me up for a couple of hours (when paired with fruit and cheese). I'm going to have the other half tomorrow at snack time. I could really taste the rice syrup, which was ok- but a very prominent flavor. Even in the fridge, the bar was still chewy and didn't get tough or crumbly, which was GREAT! I'm not a fan that there's 260 calories in the whole bar, though, which is why I ate half today and am eating the other half tomorrow. It's a really big bar, and it's sweetness really helps hit the spot!!

Hope everyone had a good Wednesday! We're over the hump, and are heading towards Friday! I'm very excited for the weekend because it's the first day of the local farmer's market, and we're going to a Clippers game (baseball- the Cleveland Indians Farm Team) on Saturday night thanks to Brenton's work. He even got this really REALLY nice cooler for just registering, WHICH I'M GOING TO PACK OUR DINNERS IN TO GO TO MIAMI!!! WHOO!!!!

Have a good evening! Namaste.

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