Monday, June 1, 2009

A new pantry! Mission Organization!

'Ello bloggies! On Sunday, my husband and I decided to tear apart the kitchen pantry and cabinets and do a MAJOR organization project. It's always good to get organized, go through things, and just get rid of the 'STUFF'. Here are the pantry 'before' pictures (don't judge me... ha!)...

Yeah, that's a lot of stuff. So, we proceeded to get it ALL out, and start over.

Talk about crazy! It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate!! We did a major purge, and re-org (as my husband says), and started to put things back...

PHEW!! It took about 3 hours, but it feels good to have some organization now!! We did the same thing to the kitchen cabinets, but I didn't take any pictures of that. Like the mountains of bananas and avocados? Hehe.

Even with all of the work in the afternoon, I still managed to make myself a FAB salad, topped with grilled shrimpies. WAY YUM!

And as if re-organizing the pantry wasn't exercise enough, Brenton and I decided to go out and enjoy the weather by kicking the soccer ball around. Lots of fun!!

After an hour of running around and kicking goals, we were spent! But, not a bad way to get in exercise!!!

Hope everyone had a great Sunday! Until next time, have some fun in your day!! Namaste.

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