Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chia, you're alright!!

Hi everyone!!! So I made my GM this morning with Chia seeds- and I have to say that they're nifty little buggers!!!!! They started to turn into jelly halfway through my drink-- weird! Today's concoction was made out of 1 kale leaf (stem removed), 1/4 zucchini, 1/4 yellow squash, 1 orange, 1 piece of frozen banana, 1/2 scoop of protein powder, and 1 T Chia Seeds. NUM NUM NUM!! Try this combo- it gave me this happy-buzzy-like feeling.... kinda like Kombucha does. Goodbye Flax obsession... Chia is here to stay!

So yesterday, I had a conversation with a loved one that just wrinkled my feathers. And by wrinkled, I mean made me mad- and concerned.

Many times, people tell me ''oh, you eat so healthy all the time...'' (like it's a bad thing, ok what?!), "you eat healthy all week- just have this one _________ (whatever it is). it won't hurt you", or "oh, there you go eating healthy again... what is it today?". Man, this drives me CrAzY!!! Yes, I eat healthy. Why is this such a big deal? Why in this country is eating healthy a BAD THING?! Am I pushing my health food on you? NO. You're the one that is making it a big deal. That's ridiculous.

Back to my conversation- I was talking to this loved one about the movie that I am SOOO excited to see on Friday, called Food, Inc. If you haven't heard of it, look at the trailer, to the left of the screen. I was talking about what the movie was about, and giving general information. Well, that spawned a reaction of ''you go overboard, you cross the line with what you eat and don't eat, you don't enjoy food, do you want to live to be 150?, we don't get to eat anything good anymore because of you and your food choices, etc. etc. etc." you get the idea.

First of all, who is creating this 'line' that I'm crossing?? It's surely not me.

Second, I eat what I eat because it's GOOD FOOD. It's REAL FOOD. It's food that MAKES ME FEEL GOOD AND IS GOOD FOR ME. And this is a bad thing... because??

Third- heck yeah I want to live to be 150! That's 125 more times that I can go to Walt Disney World (yeah, I said it).

It's amazing what people don't know about what they eat. And when I try to help them, and give them knowledge about it, BLINDERS are put up (you know, the whole 'cover the ears la la la la I don't hear you' thing). This conversation personifies what the movie is trying to say!!!! What you don't know WILL KILL YOU, people!

The argument was brought up by my loved one that "well, my parents and grandparents never ate organic food or any of that stuff, and they lived to be 85 and 90". Ok, HELLO?! They DID eat organic foods and grass fed beef and all 'that stuff', because that's all that was was the norm. None of this "quick!!! get as much cheap food out so we can make $$$$ fast!!!" crap! Do you realize that kids now have a SHORTER LIFE EXPECTANCY THAN THEIR PARENTS?!

UGH- it makes me sick. Go see Food, Inc. Please. It's about time that people start to REALLY know, what we have known all along.



Scotty J said...

Annie D,

Perhaps your best post yet!

You are so right that it's the other person's issues and limiting beliefs coming to the surface.

What, I think, it all boils down to is QUALITY of life in the long term.

What are you eating/doing/thinking today to make your tomorrow's enjoyable?

Live to 150? Sure, if I'm vibrant, active, and healthy!

Christina said...

NICE POST! I hope that a lot of people are inspired to see the movie because of this. I can't wait to see it - rave reviews from ppl on Facebook talking about it.