Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh Tuesday- you can go away now.

What a day! Boy oh boy.

So I was all excited about Tuesday... I slept well last night (in my new room...sigh...how I love thee), and was ready to start the day with a yummy bowl of Oikos and cereal. So I grab my Blueberry on the bottom Oikos...

(By the way, how do you like that picture?! I'm finally figuring this whole 'camera' thing out... it's about time!)

And look in the top, about ready to pour it into a bowl, and I see THIS!!

AHH! Yes, folks, that's GREEN MOLD on the top of my Oikos!!!!! AHHHH! AHH!!!! So, you better believe that I contacted them with my concerns. I quickly got an email back that said that they'll send me some free coupons, so that's good. So instead, I had some normal organic yogurt with organic strawberries, organic honey-o's cereal, and some almonds. I didn't take a picture... by this point I was running a little behind.

Work was business as usual. The normal snack of a Larabar, and lunch was a cup of organic vegetable soup, organic celery with AB, a peach and a few grapes. I didn't have enough protein though, because I was STARVING by the time I got home.

For dinner I made some veggi burgers...

kale crisps (check out the recipe!!)...

(a little weird- but good! I'd make them again)


All I did was blend together frozen banana chunks and fresh organic strawberries until smooth. THAT'S IT (...thanks Gena!). You would SWEAR that it's strawberry/banana ice cream. Brenton loved it!

Hope you all have a fantastic evening! Until next time- try some YUMMY raw ice cream!! Feel good about what you eat, because what you eat will make you feel good. Namaste.

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julie said...

hi ann! i saw a link to your blog on facebook and i think it's great! i've been vegetarian for years and am trying to go vegan... love some of your ideas! i'm so glad you're doing well.

i had to comment because i looooove kale chips. i make them kind of like salt & vinegar chips by using olive oil, malt vinegar, and sea salt... yum! just go easy on the salt because a little goes a long way!