Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Green Tuesday!

First of all, I wan to say CONGRATULATIONS to Jenna for making the top 10 for the Murphy-Goode job!!!

So today was the ultimate GREEN Tuesday! I swear, almost everything I ate was green today! I started the day off with a GM to go!! It was made with spinach, cucumber, ice, banana, pineapple, whey powder, and a little bit of water.

Sorry... I also think it was the day of blurry pictures, too.

It was potluck day at work, so I made some weeeeee little 'Carlibars' to share.

Aren't they cute? I made them tiny because I wasn't sure how the office would react to them. I made oatmeal raisin, and chocolate coconut. I thought they were good! Anyway, I had a late morning snack of 1/2 an orange and AB and organic strawberry jelly on an Ezekiel tortilla. I was hoping this would hold me through lunch time, to avoid all of the 'goodies' at the potluck. No such luck... more on that in a minute.

The Ezekiel tortilla is really good!! Love me some sprouted goodness! Plus AB and jelly-- oh it's heaven! The only problem was that any time I took a bite, it squirted all over the place hahahaha!

So, on to the potluck. There weren't a lot of options that I was willing to 'indulge' in (if you will). I did have some melon, 2 tiny meatballs in marinara sauce, and a salad. Well, unfortunately, I ate some MSG (and knew it as soon as I did because I recognized the recipe of the salad from when I was younger... totally SCREAMING in my head), so I stopped eating and immediately took my lunch hour. I needed to do some damage control.

I got some kombucha tea (this flavor I hadn't had before... there was blue-green algae, spirulina, and other goodies in it!):

and a Green bar (since I didn't really eat lunch because of my brief freak-out moment):

This baby was good!!! LOTS AND LOTS of goodies in it- every green veggie you could imagine! Kinda expensive though- $2.45.

This combo kept me full until I got home! ...which was over 4 hours. That's a record for me! The kombucha kept me from feeling sick and horrible, though I did bloat up a wee bit. BUT I could still fit comfortably into my 'skinny pants', so all was well in the world I guess.

For dinner tonight I made a Trader Joe's chicken burger. Brenton had his like a normal burger (bun and all). I topped mine with, you guessed it, more greens!!

There really is a chicken burger under there! I also topped it with salsa, Franks Red Hot, 1/4 avocado, and some onion. YUM.

Happy green day! I love eating and drinking greens-- it makes me feel sooo good! Isn't it amazing what people DON'T KNOW that they're putting in their bodies? That's part of the reason that I don't like normal potlucks... there's so much hidden in foods that you don't know is there, unless YOU made it and are educated about what's good for you and what's not. Oh well- I'll keep trying to spread my knowledge. I don't think people loved the little carlibars that I made, but that's ok. They're not your traditional chemical-laden cookies that everyone that doesn't know any better is used to.

I'm off to do some monster resistance training. I'm aiming for soreness tomorrow!! Until next time- start getting the chemicals out of your foods. MSG is bad, people! BAD!

Namaste <3 :o)

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Scotty J said...

Sorry about your stick-in-the-mud coworkers! Healthy Food Humbugs! Bah!