Friday, July 31, 2009

TGIF! ...seriously

Happy Friday evening, all!! TGIF, yeah?! What a week. To celebrate and start the weekend of right, I made some veggie tacos. YUM! It has been way too long (aka like 4 days?!?!) since I've had avocado!!!!

Yes, it was JUST as good as it looks. I topped half of a TJ's whole wheat tortilla with organic refried beans, organic spinach, organic salsa, avocado, TJ's Mexican Mix cheese (just a little!) , red onion, and Franks Red Hot sauce. MMMMMMMMM!!!!

Paired with an orange, it was a FAB-O meal! See Ani's book in the background???


I was also inspired by an Ani Phyo recipe to make some Macaroons. They're still in the dehydrator- I'll get them out at 10pm. Here's some 'process' pictures:

Dry little babies, dry!!! I'm so excited to try them. I tried some of the 'batter'... and so did Brenton, and we both think that these are going to be GOOOOOD!!!! Yay Ani Phyo!!

Hope you all have a good Friday evening!! I'll let you know how my macaroons turn out!


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