Saturday, August 1, 2009

Farmers Market!

Oh how I love farmers markets, especially on SUNNY DAYS! It's about time we have a sunny day in Central Ohio!!! SHEESH!

Look at all of the goodies I got!!!

Tons of organic produce (I'm not sure if the peaches are organic or not), and some Cookie Cop cookies.

What?? You've never heard of the Cookie Cop?!?! Check him out!!!

I went outside to see how my OWN organic garden was going- and pleasantly surprised!!!

Cute, no?? Hehehe lots of little guys growing out there!!! And to think that I started all of these from seeds. Amazing.

Happy Saturday to you all!



Christina said...

cookie cop said you were there :)

Annie D. said...

Ha indeed I was! said...

I'm popping over from disboards. Great blog! I'm totally jealous of your peppers. My green pepper plant dropped all it's leaves several weeks ago and just stands there like a naked stem :-( I don't know what happened.

Annie D. said...

Very cool! I love my Disers! Yeah I'm excited about that banana pepper- I'm making roasted veggie sandwiches tonight, and that's going to be in it!! :o)