Saturday, August 15, 2009

A new, weird snack....

Good Saturday afternoon! I was hungry for a snack today, so I decided to get creative. Unfortunately, when I start to get creative, WEIRD things happen!! I read somewhere that you can mix Amazing Grass Greens Superfood powder with yogurt. I decided to give it a try!!

Here are my ingredients-

Amazing Grass Powder
Stoneyfield Organic Yogurt
Organic Strawberries

So, I bet you're wondering what it looked like...

Well, it looked kinda gross...

The most important thing- how did it taste? Actually, not too bad!!! The strawberries made it a little bit sweet, and overall, it was a pretty good snack. It reminded me of the first time I learned to mix protein powder in with Cottage Cheese or Yogurt... a different taste, but not bad!

I encourage you to get Amazing Grass- there's some GREAT greens in there that offer MAJOR health benefits. Whether you mix it with your smoothies, or mix it with your yogurt, it's an incredible healthful treat!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How about calling your new snack: The Green Glob?