Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting Back To It.

Good evening all! Do you ever feel like you're getting away from your roots? Getting away from your hobbies, joys, fun, your...YOU? Recently that happened to me, and you know the universe is looking out for you when there's an opportunity to bring that missing piece back into your life.

I wear many 'hats' in my day to day life (aka, have many jobs and roles that I play so to speak). One of these 'hats' is a flute teacher/performer. On the weekends, I teach my flute/clarinet kids, and I love it! My kids are great- they're just really NICE kids. Unfortunately, though, I recently haven't been able to perform as much as I did in college. Well, I was asked to audition for a local symphony, and it feels like a part of me is coming back again. I may become busier in the very near future, but a PART OF ME is coming back to life. It's like this commercial for Dave and Buster's....

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go practice my piccolo now. Until next time- don't let your 'busy hats' get in the way of your 'fun hats'. Have FUN- you'll be happier, have less stress, and enjoy day to day life more!



crunkyjens said...

Congrats on the audition! I wish you the best of luck - how exciting! :) Hoping you have a great evening, or rather morning since it's now 1am! LOL

The New Mrs said...

Good luck on the audition! And yes, I could not agree more with this post... feels like all I have been wearing lately are the 'busy hats!'