Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's on your to-do list?

Good evening bloggies. I just wanted to check in before I went to bed for the evening. Each night, I think about my to-do list for the next day. I plan out (and write down) what I'm going to make for dinner, if I have to go to the store at lunch time, what chores I need to get done before work, etc. Doing this clears my mind so I can sleep peacefully. Here's an example of my list for tomorrow:

6am- get up, work out for 20 min
620am- shower (FAST!!)
630am- make lunches, then make breakfast
650am- eat breakfast while getting ready- iron, etc.
8am- leave for work
830-5pm- work

Lunch- go to the bank, TJ's- get shredded cheese, tortillas, peanut butter, pasta sauce

Dinner- tortilla pizzas

After work- go with Brenton to have his pants taken in, do/put away laundry

Planning my day out makes my head clear. If I don't get to something, I do it the next day. In college, I had to plan out my day by the minute because I was so busy. Now, I'm not quite as busy with meetings and classes and such, but with other responsibilities. The moral of the story, plan ahead, but use it just as a guideline. You'll stay organized, but not get so stressed.

Until next time, namaste.

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