Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brenton's Creation!

Hi everyone. I have some catching up to do!!! My husband, Brenton, decided he wanted to try to cook something new this weekend. He said...

"What if I chop up a veggie burger and put it with mac and cheese? It'll be like hamburger helper!"


At the store this past weekend I got Amy's Veggie Burger- and YUM-O it is! Brenton's creation didn't quite TASTE like hamburger helper, considering there was no hamburger... but it looked like it!

Brenton's creativity-- inspired by what he saw in the freezer and pantry...

Like how it's DW?! HAHA. It's the only Annies Organic Mac and Cheese that Meijer carries that's WHOLE WHEAT PASTA. So of COURSE I'm going to get that. The little pasta pieces are in the shape of DW's head. Kinda creepy, but GOOD!

Here is Brenton's meal...

Kinda hamburger helper-ish, right? I had him do a variation for mine... veggies instead of veggie burger.

I decided that I would put my 2 cents in, and cut up some mango and organic grapes:

So the verdict of the meal? I liked mine a lot, but I don't know if Brenton would do his variation again. I can tell you though, we are SO in love with MANGO!! OMG it is the best fruit ever. If you haven't gotten a mango recently, you're missing out!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

Until next time, try a new meal. Have your kids (or your husband LOL) come up with a new idea. You could be pleasantly surprised!!


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