Sunday, August 16, 2009

Choc full of surprises!!

Wowee what a weekend! Full of teaching, laundry, cleaning, and just 'stuff'. Today I went to a luncheon bridal shower. You guessed, it... it happened again. At the bridal shower, we (being myself and my sister) were criticized for not eating the chicken salad, punch, or cake. "Oh, you won't eat cake because you're a vegetarian" (OK, no, I won't eat cake because it's POISION, thanks) "Well, do you want a croissant? There's no meat in there..." (like it's a health food?! I looked at the ingredients on the package they came in, and the first ingredient was Enriched Flour... after that, it said (flour, benzoyl peroxide...) BENZOYL PEROXIDE?! Yeah, I use that on my face... not in my body- GROSS) "Oh, you guys are being TOO healthy!". Why do people always say that stuff?! Brenton said tonight "it's just because they're trying to justify eating it, drawing attention in a negative way to make themselves feel better''. Yep, I think that's it. Sorry y'all... this veggie girl is happy being healthy.

So on a fantastic note- I went to Target this evening, and checked out the chocolate section. Look what I found!!!!

90%!!!!! I was so excited. Check out the ingredients- NO SOY! (sigh, smile)

Chocolate, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Sugar, and Vanilla. THAT'S IT! WHOOOOO!!!

Have a happy Sunday!


Scotty J said...

You made it to the 90%! Awesome!

You know what's next, right? Baking chocolate. 100% cacao (cocoa)!! :~)

Christina said...

p.s. when you put the benzoyl peroxide on your face it's absorbed by your skin, so TECHNICALLY you are eating it. But I still use it too...I'm just sayin'

crunkyjens said...

Wow that is crazy one of the ingrediants in the crossants of all food items was benzoyl peroxide! Reading your blog definitely makes me think twice about some of things I put into my belly! :)

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!