Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Raw-ish, Vegetarian-ish week

Hi everybody!! Hope you're enjoying your short work week (I hope you HAVE a short work week!!). I've been busy with this and that... so it's taken me a while to share my recent yummy foodies with you!

Yesterday I had some yummy soaked oat groats for breakfast. I love these little guys! So chewy, so good! I don't think these little guys are considered raw per se, but they're raw-ish. I had them mixed with 1/2 of a nanner, some AB, cinnamon, and some frozen organic raspberries. YUM YUM!!

I'm normally starving 3 hours after breakfast... but after eating groats, I'm still rolling after 4! I munched on a Jocalat bar (aka Larabar). 90% raw (most Larabars are 100% raw from what I understand). I also had a couple of kiwi's.

Lovely late morning snack. After taking my lunch hour, and working some more, I had my raw pasta (aka peeled zucchini, chopped carrots, cherry tomatoes) topped with smooshed tomatoes and garlic. I forgot to take a picture of that... OOPS! It was too good I guess!

For dinner I made my lover-ly 'veggie sushi salad', made out of brown rice, roasted nori, avocado, and carrots.

I could eat nori every single day. I LOVE THAT STUFF!!!

I also made up a batch of my UBER YUMMY bean burgers to have later in the week (and for Brenton to have because he doesn't really like the sushi salad (the nori tastes like fish to him... and that's a no no).

Here are my super simple ingredients:

As you can see, just a couple pieces of whole wheat bread, carrots, onion, peppers, beans, and spices (and OF COURSE Tabasco sauce...). I love this meal!

First I chopped the bread (I used 2 pieces) in the food processor, and then added the veggies.

I chopped all of that up, and then added the beans (rinsed and drained) and spices.

Gave it all a good blending so it looked like bean dip (and it would have been good to just eat it how it was!!) I then threw it on the stove in a greased pan, and put it on a baking sheet to freeze for later.

All while watching my FAVORITE on tv...

Recognize that? I do!! Yes, I've ridden that one...

It's Samantha Brown's favorite Disney Rides... of COURSE I had that on tv!!

Tonight I made an organic red cabbage salad, topped with carrots, onion, tomatoes, and YUMMY CHICKEN CILANTRO WONTONS from TJ's. OMG so good!! I topped it all with a dressing I made out of soy sauce, olive oil, and pepper.

Check out the ingredient list on these wontons (clicky on the picture)!! Love it.

YUM. I paired it all with an orange, and it was a great meal!

Have a fantastic evening everybody! I'm off to do a little bit of Jillian (yeah... level 3 of the shred... o-m-g...). I'll be back either tomorrow or Friday. I'm very excited for Friday because I'm going to be making Ani Phyo's RAW APPLE PIE! I'm going to pair it with some raw banana 'frozen yogurt'... oh so excited! You don't get more American than apple pie and ice cream... even if it is raw!

Until next time, make some yummy, healthy food!! Namaste.

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