Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Drive-Through Diet... give me a break

Yesterday I saw a horrid campaign on the television...

Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet

Ok, sure, if you eat 1250 calories a day, you will lose weight.  Yes, even if your diet is comprised of pop, candy, and cookies... 1250 calories will cause weight loss.  Will you be healthy?  NO.  I can't STAND "diets" like this because THIS IS ONE REASON THAT THERE IS SO MUCH DISEASE IN THIS COUNTRY.  Skinny does NOT equal healthy.  Don't fall for this campaign- the real key to weight loss, and more importantly, HEALTH, is to eat whole, fresh, organic foods.  This campaign is ON THE TV RIGHT NOW.  I can't even watch it without screaming in my head "What is this girl thinking?!".  Brenton just said "So...is this a joke?"

Unfortunately, no... Taco Bell is not making a joke.  They're making a marketing campaign that will probably cause them to make a ton of money.  ...and a ton of sick people.  Make a New Year's resolution to NOT increase your intake of fast food, and in fact, do the opposite.


Scotty J said...

Good post, Annie D!

I saw this for the first time last night and had the same reaction as B'ton. "Rilly?"

Skinny does not equal healthy...SO TRUE!

Christina said...

Um, so what about the Special K diet? Is that good? LOL