Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Raw Apple Cobbler

Good-day everybody!  I only have a couple of minutes to post before I have to get our salads ready for dinner.  (We're having BIG Salads.... Seinfeld anyone?)

The other day I made a Raw Apple Cobbler.  A self-made recipe, with the help of Ani Phyo's original Raw Apple Pie recipe.

1 C Almonds
1 C Dates, Pitted
1-2 t Vanilla Extract (Alcohol-Free if you want it totally raw)
Dash of Cinnamon

4 Apples, Cored, Peeled, and sliced
1 Orange, Peeled and Seeded
1/2 C Dates
Dash of Water
Cinnamon to Taste (I LIKE A LOT!!!!)
Pumpkin Pie Spice to Taste (AGAIN...I LIKE A LOT!!)
1 C Raisins


Process (in a food processor) Topping ingredients until finely chopped and mixed together.  Mix should be a little sticky, but crumbly.  Set aside.

Place peeled/seeded orange in food processor with 1/2 C Dates and Dash of Water.  Process until smooth.

In a big bowl, combine the Orange Sauce you just made with the sliced Apples, Raisins, Cinnamon and Pumpkin Pie Spice.  Be sure to mix it really well!

Put the Apple mixture into a Square Pan (I used 8x8), and smooth it out so it's an even layer.  Then, pour the Almond crumble that you made earlier on the top, making sure you cover the whole thing.  You may have some excess crust topping left over.  I sometimes roll the excess with raisins and make raw 'oatmeal' cookies out of them (see the bottom picture).  Or, just dump all of the topping on your cobber... it's good either way~!!!

Refrigerate overnight (if you have the time).

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