Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts!

'Tis the season to be eco... fa la la la la, la la la la.

For my co-workers this year, I made eco-friendly Christmas gifts. I made these for my flute students last year and got really GREAT reviews!

Gift #1 was a homemade sugar scrub. Since I don't cook/bake with white sugar anymore, I have tons that I didn't just want to throw away. So, why not put it to use? Here are my ingredients...

For all of you Gluten Free readers out there, this is a safe body scrub to use because it is completely GF! This is so simple to make- seriously!!

First, you need a container. I used glass BALL brand jelly jars (8oz), and filled them up half way (so, 4oz...) with sugar, then mixed in just enough olive oil to fully coat the sugar and leave a little bit of oil on the top.

Then, I just put 3 or so drops of Lemon Oil in and mixed it all around. Spoon into jars, and you're done!

This is a great gift to make for yourself, or make in bulk to give as a gift. Be careful though- the oil can make your tub slippery.

Gift #2 was a Rice Hot/Cold Pack. All you do is sew up a little bag out of 100% cotton fabric, fill it with white long grain rice (not instant) about 2/3 of the way, drop in some essential oil (I used lavender), and sew it shut.

You can put this in the freezer for a few hours to use as a cold pack (for say, puffy eyes), or put it in the box of death (aka, the microwave) with a cup of water for a minute or two for an instant heat pack. The lavender made it smell so yummy!!!! Here is the little pack I put together for my co-workers.

Cute, no?

Well, that is all for now- I'll be back soon with some raw cookie recipes that I've made, and will continue to make forever because they're SOOOO GOOD!!!

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