Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Meals... In Review!

Good evening everybody. I have been incredibly MIA for way too long, and for that I apologize! I can't believe how quickly this month... this YEAR... has gone! My halls are decked, packages are wrapped, cards are signed, and festivities are planned, so supposedly I'm ready for Christmas.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. "How was your Thanksgiving?!" you ask? There were food challenges, but overall, pretty good! I made the lentil loaf, stuffing, and raw pumpkin pie (recipes in my previous post) and it all turned out very well. Even the meat eaters in the group liked it!

Here is the lentil loaf...

...the stuffing...

...the pumpkin pie (in muffin cups)...

...and my plates.

Yeah... that's REAL whipped cream. Nice.

As a reflection back on thanksgiving, in the right company, it wasn't difficult to be a vegetarian. Though, we did have two Thanksgivings, and the 2nd one was a little less accommodating. But, bringing my own food (to share, of course), helped a LOT. I just have to stick to the fact that I will have to bring my own food to share at any party we go to from here on out. I would much rather do this than go hungry or just eat a salad (that may even have meat in it, as many I have come across!). I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes, so I view the holidays now as an inviting challenge. As long as I plan and give myself enough time to take ON the challenge.

Until next time, namaste.

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