Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Pre-Mother's Day!

Happy Pre-Mother's Day to all of you mothers out there!

I just got home from 5K #2 of the season. I shaved a minute off my time- WHOO! I'm going to be paying for it tomorrow I'm sure.... we'll see. For breakfast, I made the breakfast cookies from Ms. Fitnessista, and they were fab! Here's a picture:

These are my husband's... the one on the left was made with ginger and cinnamon, and the one on the right was made with coco powder. YUM!!

So last night, I tried my hand at making some veggi sushi- and it was Fab too!!

Here's the Nori on the mat, before I stuffed it with, well, stuff.

Here are the condiments to go in it- onion, avocado, carrots, and cucumber... oh, and short grain brown rice.

And then I layered the brown rice and veggies- here's the pre-roll picture:

And after rolling, here's the first attempt! Not, well... horrible, but surely not professional yet haha!!

So besides the stuff sticking out at the end, I think it went pretty well!!! I'd definitely make it again- and actually, might make some again with the left overs for dinner!! This was the recipe I used.

Make it a good day! Namaste.

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