Tuesday, May 19, 2009

If you think you can't, you're wrong.

Hello bloggies! Do you ever get the feeling that you CAN'T do something?? I do sometimes. Sometimes I think to myself ''well, I can't do that because....(fill in the blank)". Well, it's the 'fill in the blank' part that really needs to be evaluated. WHY? Why can't you do whatever it is you want to do?

Last night my husband and I jogged 2 miles. Most of you that read this blog are very physically fit, and I'm sure you're thinking 'ok, 2 miles... big deal'. There was a time in my life that I couldn't even jog to the end of the street, or around the block- and it wasn't that long ago. Actually, it was about a year ago. About halfway through my jog, I kept thinking ''I can't do this. I can't go any further. I have to walk". And then, I would switch songs on my Ipod and get another burst of energy to keep going. And then I would let my mind wander, and before I knew it, I had jogged 2 WHOLE MILES!

The 'why', I realized, was because my mind was getting bored. It was psyching myself into wanting to do something else (walk) because I was getting tired. It was pretty amazing, though, because when I switched songs on my Ipod, and a song that I really liked played, I was able to forget about the 'why', and switch my thinking to the positive ('hey, I like this song!). In my head I would sing along, and forget about getting tired. The power of positive thinking, people.

So what can't you do? Are you sure? You're wrong.

Until next time, think positively. I'm positive that you can do what you think you can't. Namaste.

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