Monday, May 4, 2009

What do you love?

I was thinking this morning when I was getting ready for the day “I love my new bathroom!”. That, then, got me thinking… “what else do I love?”. What was amazing was there is so much in my life that I love! My list continued to grow and grow throughout the morning. And what was funny was there were things that I love, about the things that I love (I don't expand on those in this list). Here is my list:

I love…
Family dinners
Playing the flute (alone and in groups- especially when I get paid for it!)
Teaching the flute and clarinet
Vacations to Florida (Walt Disney World especially, but Florida as a whole is nice too!)
Traveling around the U.S. (I haven’t been out of the country yet)
The sound of a breeze rustling palm tree leaves
Reading magazines
Blogging, and reading blogs
Eating healthy food, and how good I feel afterward
The feeling I get after I exercise
Kombucha tea
Making lists (ha!)
Hot tea
Chocolate and peanut butter combo
Holidays (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, 4th of July, you name it!!)
Fresh bed sheets
Hot showers/baths
Re-purposing items to be used in other ways
Putting on makeup
Hot tubs
Guided meditation
Massage of any kind
Running 5k’s
Raspberries, Blueberries, Strawberries, and Blackberries
A clean home
Coming home after a long day and putting on my ‘snuggle clothes’ (as my husband says)
Being prepared for the week, ahead of time (making meals ahead for busy days, etc)
Donating items to those in need
Taking walks
Going to the park
Watching airplanes take off and land
Planning (for everything!)
Going to the driving range
Being outside in 70 degree, sunny weather
Growing my own vegetables
Watching the Golden Girls
Making my own ‘conventional’ foods (like granola bars)
Going to museums
Going to zoos/aquariums
Watching home movies
Shopping at yard sales, and at discount online retailers (check out my Amazon Store to the left!!)
Ohio State Football games (tv)
Putting together gift baskets
Making my own sugar and salt scrubs
Making decorations for my home (holiday)
The smell of baked goods
Getting a haircut
Reading travel books
Watching HGTV, Discovery, The Travel Channel, and DIY
Farmers Markets
Warm laundry right out of the dryer
Wearing sundresses and flip flops
Packing suitcases, carry-on bags
Chips and tomato salsa (organic jarred salsa, and salsa I make myself)
Saving money on things I have to buy, to use for things I want to buy

There are so many more things, I’m sure!! It’s amazing what small things we can enjoy in life every day!! Take time to enjoy things and do things for yourself!! It is my goal to do no less than 2 of these things EVERY DAY. Enjoy your life- it’s the only one you have!

Oh, by the way, I made a fantastic, SIMPLE cold pasta salad last evening—

Pasta Salad Ingredients (2 servings):
Whole Wheat Pasta (1 cup, dry)
Frozen Organic Vegetables (1 cup, thawed)
¼ Diced Onion
Handful of Organic Cherry Tomatoes (cut in half)

Dressing Ingredients (1 serving):
Juice from ¼ Lemon
¾ T of Olive Oil
Salt, Pepper to taste

Cook pasta as directed, drain
Mix together vegetables, onion, and cherry tomatoes

Mix together dressing, and apply to pasta salad just before eating/serving. Double the dressing recipe if you’re serving all of the pasta salad at once. I put the dressing on just before I eat, so it doesn’t make everything so mushy.

I ate ½ of the pasta salad, with the dressing, and it was FAB!!! I have the other half at home, which I will look forward to eating tomorrow or Wednesday!!

Have a wonderful day! Until next time, Namaste.

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Christina said...

and you love your beautiful sister and her awesome husband :) Love you!!! XOXO