Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Happy Sunday, bloggies!! I hope you're all enjoying yourselves today! My day is full of grocery shopping, cleaning, and laundry. But, I can't complain- we're OFF tomorrow! YAY! What to do... what to do.

Last night we celebrated mom's birthday with a super yummy dinner of pork chops, sweet potato, and salad. ... then came the cake. With the yellow and pink roses, and green leaves all made of icing... I cut the smallest sliver ever, and could only take 3 bites. It's amazing how much your brain changes once you know what's in your food, and have changed your eating habits. That brings me to my next point-

Take a look at the video to the left- another food movie is coming out. I hope it goes way more 'mainstream' than the other food movies have. Not like 'Super Size Me' where it's all about fast food, but that same type of attention for GROCERY STORE FOOD. It could change eating as we know it forever. Very fitting that I find out about this after my rant about ANOTHER recall that I posted on Friday.

Watch the video, spread the news. Until next time, Namaste.


Christina said...

I have the ingredient label for the cake. You'll die when you see it...including propylene glycol mono-esthers (?!), preservatives including methyl paraben and propyl paraben, and then for the icing: partially hydrogenated soy and cotton seed oils, artificial color - of course, partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, artificial flavor, color for the icing includes high fructose corn syrup, yellow 5, 6, red 40, blue 1, blue 2 and red 3. WHEEE....

Scotty J said...

I felt HORRIBLE after eating that cake...weak, dizzy, headache, and had the shakes. Wondering how you guys felt? Did yoga go well?

PS - Nice ad for Tyson!

Annie D. said...

AHH! I knew that there was CRAP in the cake!! It totally freaked me out even cutting a piece. We felt fine that evening- well I only had 3 bites... but Brenton felt ok, too. Actually, that's how I felt after I had the fortune cookies at Asian Gourmet a month or two ago. BLECH! Yoga was fine.