Friday, May 15, 2009

Your Car- Sanctuary??

TGIF! I wanted to share with you another 'me time' strategy that I have....

Is your car a sanctuary?? Or is your car an chaotic mess? My commute to work is no less than 35 min. per way, and if I have to run errands after work or on my lunch hour, I end up being in my car at least an hour every day, if not more. Why not create a serene space to make that time more enjoyable??? Here are some tips:

1- CLEAN OUT YOUR CAR. And I mean REALLY clean. Use a vacuum, wipe of the dash board, clean out the crevices, empty out your trunk. Your mind will be much clearer if your space is cleaner. Plus, you won't hear all of that junk rattling around all over the place, sliding here and there.

2- MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE ESSENTIALS. When you're on the road a lot, it's very important to have the following in your car/trunk at all times--
*Spare tire and jack
*Reflective Sun Shade for the windshield
*Map of the state you live/travel atlas
*Registration, Insurance Card
*Ice Scraper

Now, here's the fun part!!

3- FENG SHUI YOUR SPACE. Hang a faceted crystal from a blue ribbon from the rear view mirror if you are prone to road rage, or hang a silver ball from a red ribbon for protection.

4- CLEAR THE AIR. If your car has a stale or musty smell, consider opening the windows and leaving it outside, or in an open garage for a while. I like to use essential oils like Lemon or Lavender on the dash board, and sprinkled on the carpets. A little goes a long way! Stay away from air fresheners- the scents are not safe to smell all the time, and can cause headaches.

5- TIME TO GET COMFORTABLE. Be sure to sit up straight, with equal weight on both of your 'sits' bones. The seat should be adjusted so that you are as far away from the steering wheel as is comfortable. If you have back pain, consider buying a lumbar pillow for behind your back, or a wedge cushion for the seat.

6- PLAY SOME TUNES. I like to play 'smooth jazz' when I'm in the car, because it reminds me of being on vacation in Florida- my happy place. Play soothing music that appeals to you, whether it's classical, to pop. Stay away from hard rock, or anything that makes your blood pressure rise.

7- PACK SOME COMFORT ITEMS. Some items that I like to keep in the car, in an organizer (like this) are:
*Trash/plastic bags
*Travel kleenex
*Cleaning wipes
*Waterless hand sanitizer
*Hair comb
*Eco Bags (for those farmers markets!!)

8- AND DO NOT... Keep plastic water bottles in the car. When the plastic heats up, it leeches cancer causing chemicals into the water!!

Go make your car a sanctuary! Until next time, Namaste.

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