Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Bathroom Re-Do!

Good morning, bloggies!! In the spirit of Spring Cleaning, I decided... on Thursday... to re-do my bathroom this weekend! Pretty lofty goal, but I was ready for a change. I was ready to make my bathroom "my own", rather than feeling like I was just borrowing the previous home owners.

So, first thing was first- what on earth should I do?! Here's what the bathroom looked like 'before'...

See? Mostly a hodge-podge of stuff... that didn't match anything- each other, my personality, our house... nothing! An un-zen place, surely throwing off my chi!! In talking with my sister, I decided that I wanted a home spa!! And why not?! Those commercial spas are so expensive, and use toxic paraben-ridden products. I'd rather use my olive oil, thank you (as you see in the above picture in the canning jar). Keeping all of this in mind, me, being the frugal person that I am, did not want to spend a whole lot. I knew that I wanted to paint the walls (and decided on some sort of blue/green that reminded me of Florida!), and get some new things like a shower curtain and floor mats, but didn't want to buy a whole lot of new accessories. So, I decided to re-purpose the bathroom set.

It went from this...

To this, with a little silver paint!...

Off to a good start! I had picked up some canning jars and a basket at a yard sale (oh how I love thee...), for under $.75 total, and since they were clear, I didn't need tinker with those.

I picked up my paint, and had left over painting supplies at home to use. Here's the new color!!

Then I went to town!!!

Here's the bathroom, under construction....

New color on the walls!! It's coming together!!

After 3 hours of painting the walls and accessories (including the light fixture), then cleaning up, and installing a new toilet seat, shower curtain, and laying of the rugs (all myself!!)... the new bathroom was a success!!

This re-do cost me under $100, and maybe 5 hours of my time. I say it was WELL WORTH IT! A zen bathroom, is a happy me!

Until next time, organize a room, and make it your own!! You'll feel good every time you walk in.



Christina said...

Looks good! What kind of rugs did you get?

Annie D. said...

Thanks! I got very plush bath mats from Target!